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Parents: How many of these 10 buzzing words from 2015 do you know?

All through 2015, our Kinstantly This Week newsletter has tracked parenting buzzwords that caught our eye. How many do you recognize (or maybe used yourself)?


a. Elf on the Shelf’s British cousin

b. Barbie’s new younger sister (replacing Skipper)

c. A breastfeeding selfie

Hint: Gisele Bundchen shares her version of a #brelfie on Instagram


a. The name of Kanye’s new children’s album

b. A synthetic anesthesia used in pediatric surgeries

c. Why you might always see the letter A as red and P as green, for example


a. Dads who still rock six-packs

b. Dads who drink six packs (and look like it)

c. Dads who have something between a beer gut and no gut


a. Max Zuckerberg’s nickname

b. A hot new toy featuring zoo animals

c. Noodles made from zucchini

Baby Zoodles?


a. Rudely overstaying your timeshare because the kids came down with flu

b. What happens when the cocktails on a mommy playdate are a little too strong

c. Sharing stuff about your kids on social media they’re gonna regret later


a. Playlists for your iPod to listen to while pumping

b. Peas that promote breast milk production

c. Private booths for pumping or nursing in public spaces


a. How it feels when you’re too tired to have sex

b. The slurred way to say “gin-and-tonic parenting”

c. A couple who partner for the sole purpose of raising kids


a. A child who’s right-handed with a pencil but left-handed with a ball

b. A parent who loves her kids…most days

c.  A personality type that’s a little bit extrovert and a little bit introvert


a. How you’re feeling today

b. Your kid’s favorite sound

c. A new official Scrabble word


crying Scrabbled feelings?


a. The coming sequel to Jumanji

b. Moms with mojo

c. Emojis when overused by loving moms



(Yup, the last one in every list is the correct answer, though we’re sort of fond of the British Elf on the Shelfie.)

1) One in five moms—probably more by now—had shared a brelfie (breastfeeding selfie), according to a U.K. survey last February. See: Gwen Stefani, Pink, Giselle Bundchen, et al.

2) A study found that many cases of synesthesia—a neurological condition in which two senses are involuntarily experienced together—are associated with Fisher-Price letter refrigerator magnets. About 15 percent of those with the condition who were born during the toy’s peak popularity (1975 to 1980) developed a tendency to see the letter A as red, F as purple, and P as green.

3) “The dad bod says, ‘I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time,’” according to the college student who coined this hot body type of 2015. (Sadly, of course, no comparably forgiving low bar exists for the mom bod.)

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4) Zoodles, one of the year’s tastier foodie-junior trends, are easy to make with a spiralizer or mandolin. And we won’t spill the beans if you tell your kids they’re “just like spaghetti.”

5) Almost three-quarters of parents say they know someone who’s engaged in oversharenting on social media, says a new University of Michigan report. Your kids may be oblivious now, but that stuff tends to live forever….

6) Lactation pods are increasingly showing up in airports and other public places, like ballparks.

7) More and more parents, including divorcing couples, are choosing to raise their kids together under a platonic parenting model (no romance, no sex), also called a “parenting marriage.”

8) Is your child reserved in some situations but sociable in others? Despite all the attention given lately to “quiet” introverts, two-thirds of people are ambiverts—hybrids that fit smack in the middle of the personality spectrum.

9) Okay, “all of the above” might apply for this one. But if you and your child are both having a good day today, let’s stick to waah’s induction in the latest official Scrabble word list, along with the parentally relevant onesieselfie, and newb.

10) It’s not our fault that every new upgrade brings ever-cuter emomji fodder. And sometimes a picture’s worth 1,000 characters—especially hearts and thumbs up.

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