Kinstantly PRO: How it works

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Our promise

Kinstantly gives you everything you need to easily get your name out there and market your services—in simple ways that just feel right.

  • We’ll help you find your comfort zone. Effective marketing doesn’t have to mean selling your soul, pretending to be someone you’re not, employing smarmy sales tactics. We’ll show you how doulas, music teachers, therapists, college admissions consultants, and other family-services providers like you are finding success in honest, effective ways.

  • We’ll do a lot of heavy lifting for you. After you add your profile to our directory, it doesn’t just sit there. We promote it in our stage-based newsletters and in our articles that get read and shared by more than a million families around the world.

  • We’ll teach you basic business skills—simple, actionable steps you can take that will make a real difference. Things like how to turn more free consultations into paying clients and how to use social forums and live events to market your services.

  • We’ll show you how to reach new clients in new ways. Kinstantly has been engineered to help you reach your clients where and how they live: on their phones. We make it easy to grow your business using remote consultations—and can even help you create, market, and sell online classes.

Kinstantly is trusted by leading researchers, parenting experts, and providers in more than 20 countries.

“Kinstantly has been a fantastic resource for my practice as a child psychologist. Within the first month, I had five client referrals, and the parenting blog has been great for my families.”

Brendan Pratt, PhD—Child psychologist, Los Altos, CA

“With Kinstantly, I’ve been able to grow my business more than I imagined because I can work with clients anywhere. I’ve had clients in Canada, California, Massachusetts, and other states—without leaving my home base near D.C.

Kathleen McCleary—College essay coach, Falls Church, VA

“Kinstantly is a valuable resource hub for people like me who are passionate about making a difference for families—allowing me to reach an audience far beyond the mid-sized community in Ontario where I live and work.”

Ann Douglas—Parenting speaker, author, and coach, Peterborough, Ontario

Here’s a sample of the skill-building tips and benefits you’ll get when you create a free account on Kinstantly:

  • How to turn more free consultations into paying clients

  • How to price your services—so you make more money and have fewer headaches

  • How to get more word-of-mouth referrals

  • Plus: Adding your business to our directory means more families will find you on Kinstantly, Google, and other search engines.

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